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Angular2 & Bootstrap-Select

Activate Bootstrap-Select-Box after the data is here:

ngAfterViewChecked () {
    if (this.data_for_selectbox_ready) {  // <-- IMPORTANT!
      //noinspection TypeScriptUnresolvedFunction

Angular2: NgFor only supports binding to Iterables such as Arrays

Most probably,  the reason is a wrong assignment in the component and corrected into:

    (data:any) => this.store_it_here = data,  // <-- ONLY HERE
    (err:any) => console.debug('AGENCY ERROR:',err),
    () => console.debug(this.store_it_here)   

Rendering Data from Observables

Elvis Operator within Template

{{ (__responseData | async)?.calculation | json }}

Or with ngFor

  selector: 'my-app',
  providers: [HTTP_PROVIDERS],
  template: `
    <div *ngFor="let calculation of calculations | async">
      Gross: {{ calculation.gross }}<br>
      Net: {{ calculation.net }}
  directives: [NgFor]
export class App {
  calculations: Observable<{gross:number; net:number}[]>;

  constructor(private _http: Http) {
    this.calculations = this._http.get("./data.json")
                            .map(res => res.json().calculation)

>> See plunker here


ReactJS (or simple React) is a JavaScript library from facebook to create User Interfaces.

We built React to solve one problem: building large applications with data that changes over time.

>> Read more

CSS Selectors Revisited

All elements * {..}
All children #container * {..}
ALL a IN each li li a {..}
Only direct children IN each li li > a {..}
Only first immediately following p after each ul ul + p
All following p after each ul ul ~ p {}
All a with title attribut a[title] {..}
All a with href = “foo” a[href=”foo”] {..}
All a containing the given chunk somewhere it the attribut a[href*=”chunk”] {..}
Any Attribut containing the chunk, in this case “data” a[data-*=”foo”]{..}
All a with beginning “http” in the href attribut a[href^=”http”] {..}
… ending with “.jpg” a[href$=”.jpg”]{..}
foo has a spaced-separated list of values AND “xyz” is somewhere in the list x[foo~=”xyz”]
Checked radio buttons input[type=radio]:checked {..}
Checked check-boxes input[type=checkbox]:checked {..}
Append an element after an element x:after {..}
Exclude all divs with the id foo div:not(#foo) {..}
Exclude all divs with class bar div:not(.bar) {..}
All elements except each p *:not(p) {..}
tag::pseudoElement x::pseudoElement {..}
First lines of each p p::first-line {..}
First letter of each p p::first-letter {..}
nth-child (not zeo based integer) x:nth-child(n) {..}
nth from last child x:nth-last-child(n) {..}
Every second row tr:nth-of-type(2) {..}
From the end nth type x:nth-last-of-type(n) {..}
First child x:first-child {..}
Last child x:last-child {..}
With single child x:only-child {..}
All divs with a single p div p:only-child {..}
Without siblings in its parent li:only-of-type {..}
First children with a certain type x:first-of-type {..}
Link a:link {..}
Visited a:visited {..}
Hover x:hover {..}

JSON Related

Extend JSON Arrays with lodash

lodash.each($scope.myDataFromREST, function(item) {
    lodash.extend(item, {
        "edit": false,
        "some": {
            "foo": "bar"

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